Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Undie-lievable! A Chaffree Review

I've always struggled with legwear. Through my teens, being tall made finding and successfully wearing tights almost impossible. Later, becoming plus size and reaching the height of 5"8 made the search even more difficult. Buy them too small and they wriggle down your crotch, too big and they fall down too! Finding ways to keep tights up can be a struggle-in ten years I've tried; wearing knickers on top of tights (not keen on flashing my knickers at folk), chopped down leggings (not always enough support) and even, in times of desperation, a pair of braces (don't even get me started on how impractical that was). My most often turned-to option has always been shapewear, as it's always guaranteed to always hold up tights, but also usually guarantees a level of discomfort as well as suffocating and smothering my nether regions. Also, I'm trying to embrace my big body and belly, and don't always fancy hiding my VBO! So when I heard of Chaffree, I was keen to give them a go!

Chaffree describe their products as 'Sweat Absorbing, Chafe Reducing Underwear Designed For Women & Men Regardless of Size, Shape, Age or Fitness'. My partner in crime is an avid cyclist and tried out Chaffree's men's boxers on his daily commute, and was impressed with the comfort and practicality of them! Like many, I struggle with my thighs constantly kissing themselves, which can lead to incredibly painful chafing (once I tried without tights and was walking around like a wincing cowboy all day-not a good look) so I've been curious about Chaffree's womenswear for a while! The team kindly sent me a pair of the Ladies' KnickerBoxers and the first thing I noticed about Chaffree is the sizing. Many plus size folk can tell you that what is labelled as 'large' in most clothing companies can be surprising, however Chaffree's size guide was refreshing!
While I am slightly smaller on my bottom half than my top, I carry weight on my bottom and stomach which can make clothing fits unpredictable. As the company promises the KnickerBoxers to have plenty of stretch, and I usually buy leggings a size smaller, I opted for the M/L which covers sizes 16 through to 20. The KnickerBoxers come in a choice of waist and leg lengths-being tall I chose the longer length leg and the full waist due to a love of high waisted underwear.

They arrived quickly, really well packaged and slipped through the letterbox easily (always handy to prevent trips to the sorting office!) At first I was dubious that a size 16-20 item would fit me at a 22/24, but the they fit beautifully. I was expecting that wet-suit-like texture of shapewear, but amazingly, they're a very light and breathable fabric that slips on with ease! Important to note that if you are trying Chaffree items as shapewear, they won't work for you. The cut and shape isn't designed to pull in, and while snug, they're more comfortable and supportive rather than squishing everything inwards.
Now for the test run! I wore them with tights and a dress and they didn't move at all, despite my enthusiastic lunging! In the past when I've tried using shapewear or cut-down leggings, the legs ride up incessantly. The Chaffree KnickerBoxers stay in place without doubt! They didn't flop under my belly either, and felt light and flexible under my clothes. Most importantly for me, they kept my tights up (cue Celebrations by Kool & The Gang) so they get a glowing review from me! For the ultimate wriggle test, I wore them another day under skinny jeans, and still stayed in place! Whatever witchcraft they're using, it definitely works.

Prices for the Knickerboxers start at £17, and you can get discounts by buying multiple pairs. I know I'll definitely get my money's worth out of these, I've already worn them loads.
This summer I'm aiming to overcome a body hang up of mine- going tights-free and knowing that I won't be in constant pain from chafing by using Chaffree's products is a big reflief. They'll be my body positive buddy this summer! I'm also really keen to try them with shorts in the warmer weather too! Wearing the KnickerBoxers has made me remember how cute I look in shorts, so I'm actually excited for the summer for once!

Have you tried Chaffree? What did you think? 

Stay wonderful!
Melly x

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  1. I discovered Chaffree last year. They are amazing and summer is now welcomed as I can wear dresses without the "kissing of thighs". I love that and will use it from now on. I agree that they fit beautifully and never move. Best underwear ever.