Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Liebster Award!

Well this is exciting! The ever-wonderful Kitty of Kitty Rambles A Lot nominated me to take part in this fab post! The rules of the Award are simple and open up the possiblility of finding new blogs, and learning more about the people behind them!

Here are my questions as outlined by Kitty, see below for both my nominations and for the questions I'm asking!

1) What is your favourite food?

I think it's got to be Pizza- as predictable as that might be! For a long time I struggled with guilt after every time I ate pizza as it's definitely seen as a food related to gluttony and the damaged image of fat bodies represented by the media, but I've learned to be nicer to myself and just enjoy it!

 2) Where would you love to visit?

Copenhagen. I'm actually yet to leave the UK, the furthest I've travelled North is Edinburgh and furthest South is Newquay, so I'm at the 'anywhere-will-do' point! But I've wanted to go to Copenhagen for a few years now, so much of it appeals to me and it just looks so beautiful. My craving for Copenhagen shenanigans was only encouraged more by the recent episode of Travel Man in which Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding had a delightful little toddle around the sights.
Image found at

3) Who is your ultimate crush?

I should probably say my partner Dom but at this point you all already know that, right? He's pretty great and definitely my ultimate crush. Aside from Dom, my biggest celebrity crush at the moment is comedian Cameron Esposito- she's so wonderful! My other celebrity crushes are Elly Jackson of La Roux, Mark Kermode, Sue Perkins, Mark Ruffalo and Gwendoline Christie. Also, I'll say that Copenghagen wasn't the only appealing aspect of Travel Man!

 4) What is your favourite clothing piece you've ever owned?

This dress from when I was a kid/hobbit. Since growing out of it, I've laways longed for a 'grown up' version and I'm always collecting things with the same daisy pattern. A couple of years ago I found a daisy dress from Red Herring and barely took it off all summer!

 5) What is your worst fashion faux pas?

This haircut. I remember it painfully. An avid hater of visiting the hairdresser's, I decided to try to trim my own fringe, aged 15. Attempt after attempt at levelling it out resulted in me chopping a large portion off, leaving baby fluff on my forehead instead of my usual emo kid sweeping fringe. It took ages to grow back, and the worst thing was that it happened just a few days before school photo day, THE HORROR.

 6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Always a scary question! In five years I'll be almost 29, and I'd like to think by that point I'll still be still Illustrating, and maybe have a few bigger commissions under my belt. Maybe I'll still be in Lincoln, or maybe I'll be someplace new! As long as I'm still making Art and I'm happy, I don't mind where I'll be in 2021!

 7) Who are your favourite bloggers?

These are just a few of my favourite bloggers, soon I'll be sharing a more detailed and through list of my regular reads!

Fellow Illustrator and blogger Phie Hackett who not only posts about great topics in a wonderfully relatable way, but illustrates them beautifully too!

Tara aka Catstello of Cattitude & Co- I love that she raises awareness of topics many shy away from but that should be discussed, like sex , periods and feminism. 

Leah of Just me Leah Leah is a fierce force of nature in the plus size community and isn't afraid to shout her opinions from the rooftops- and her opinions are great! Unapologetically awesome and truly fascinating blog posts!

Jenna at Princess Parasox. Jenna's blog is definitely one of my faves- her fashion style is amazing but what really steals the show are her incredible insights on feminsim, gender and sexuality. I'm so happy to have found a fellow queer blogger, and Jenna is fabulous!

...and I may be biased but Dom's blog, It's Dom Clark is pretty neat! His main specialism is fashion and style, but is also passionate about calling out ignorance and prejudice, as seen in his social media!

8) If you could be any animal for the day, what would you be?

I thoroughly enjoy being a fairly tall woman, and while I'm willing my body to have a second growth spurt to Gwendoline Christie proportions, if I had to be an animal I'd definitely be a giraffe and take full advantage of the extra height. Giraffes usually seem pretty rleaxed and I bet they get a great view of everything!

9) Do you have any pets? Share photos! If you don't, what would you have?

Sadly I'm not in a situation where I can have pets, but if I could I'd definitely have a house rabbit. As a kid, I had a beloved pet rabbit for ten years, and I've always missed him. I also really like cats! We're lucky to be in any area with A LOT of cats so we never have to go far to find a fluffy companion.

My beloved childhood pet, Benji

10) What was your dream job as a kid?

Mine's a bit of weird one- I had dreams of being a Paranormal Investigator! I had so many books about ghosts, vampires, aliens and science fiction and was convinced that's what I was going to do (Dear Past Melly-you had great ambition!) I saw myself proving the existence of the paranormal, and discovering crashed UFOs, the whole thing! As I grew up, as well as realising it's an incredibly niche job, my belief in things that go bump in the night has wavered. I'm 80% sure ghosts/vampires/werewolves don't exist (but pretty convinced aliens do) yet I find the topics so fascinating still, and I've kept all of the books...just in case.

11) What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love writing about things I'm passionate about! During School and University I loved essay writing, and since leaving Uni I haven't had many chances to write, so I welcome blogging with open arms! I've read blogs for roughly five years and I love learning more about people I admire, from their favourite TV shows to their polictical views! Also, I spend a lot of time finding fashion inspiration from fellow bloggers, and head staright there when I'm looking for reviews! While I've had other blogs in the past, The Melly Em Blog is only a couple of weeks old, but so far it's been a blast!

My nominated blogs are Phie Hackett, Princess Parasox, It's Dom Clark, Just Me Leah, Nadine Danielle , Spiked Black Tee, ChloEllio , Fat Girl For Life, Rad Fat Feminist, Tetris And Cheesecakes and A Dress Is For Life 

My questions for you are:

1. Describe your blog in six words
2. If you could have the life of any fictional character for the day, who would it be? 
3. In the movie of you and your blog, who would play you? 
4. Do you have a particluar blog post you're proud of?  If so, why?
5. What brings you happiness?
6. Describe your perfect night in
7. Who are your inspirations in life?
8. If you could choose one celebrity/icon to become a loyal follower and reader of your blog, who would it be and why? 
9. Why did you start blogging and how long have you blogged for?
10. What do you love the most about yourself?
11. What's the best book you've ever read?

Thank you again to Kitty for the nomination, and I can't wait to see all of your answers!

Stay wonderful!

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